Exactpro People

Nikita Smirnov, Project Manager

Today Nikita Smirnov, Project Manager at Exactpro, will talk about his professional growth at the company and the process of settling into a managerial role, as well as the interesting tasks that accompanied him along the way.

Anastasia Zhadayeva, Senior Software Engineer

From an IT Bachelor to fintech – Anastasia Zhadayeva, Senior QA Analyst with Exactpro, talks about the key skills she has acquired at the company and reveals her secret weapon against challenges.

Arseniy Marinin, QA Project Manager

Today Arseniy Marinin, QA Project Manager, Exactpro, will talk about his path at the company, the team's professionalism and his long-held dream coming true.

Tatiana Karabanova, QA Analyst

Today Tatiana Karabanova, QA Analyst at Exactpro, will talk about her path at the company, the friendly team and the continuous professional and personal growth.

Eugenia Zaikina, QA Team Lead

Eugenia Zaikina, QA Team Lead, Exactpro, will talk about her professional growth at the company, striving for continuous development and love of learning foreign languages.

Emre Erguvan, QA Analyst

Emre Erguvan, QA Analyst, Exactpro Systems, will talk about overcoming professional challenges, the value of a friendly atmosphere in the team and the desire for new experiences.

Ksenia Vasilieva, QA Analyst

Ksenia Vasilieva, QA Analyst at Exactpro, talks about the importance of finding a job you love and staying motivated to learn new things.