EXTENT Conference 2011 February

Exactpro Systems and Innovative Trading Systems, our business partner in Russia, launched a series of EXTENT: Excel in Teamwork, Education, Networking, and Training conferences.

The first event in the series took place on 19 - 20 February, 2011 in Russia.

The conference covered a variety of topics, including those directly related to day-to-day activities performed by the team (such as high frequency trading, market mechanics, financial instruments, technical testing, and Exactpro test automation tools), and broader topics: information security, efficient ways of reporting software issues and business communications.

Rostislav Yavorskiy, HR Development Manager explains:
'It is a priority for the management team to ensure that the employees have maximum access to the means of gaining additional education and achieving professional growth. It can be done by involving the staff into live software testing and software development projects and through establishing a number of corporate training programs. The series of EXTENT events planned for 2011 is part of the corporate strategy. We are planning to invite external experts to speak to our staff at such events and also people interested in pursuing a career path in our field'€.

Visit: https://extent.exactpro.com/ for more information

You can contact the organizational commitee via email: extent@exactprosystems.com