Analysis of Images, Social networks, and Texts 2014

Analysis of Images, Social Networks, and Texts (AIST) conference is intended for computer scientists and practitioners whose research interests involve Internet mathematics and other related fields of data science.

AIST'14 was held on 10-12 April at Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg Hotel.

Iosif Itkin, Managing Director of Exactpro - Data Reconciliation and Software Failures

AIST'14 presentations

  • Applications of Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques to:
    • Analysis of images and video

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Social Network Analysis

    • Recommender systems and collaborative technologies

    • Geoinformation systems

    • Game analytics

    • Information Retrieval

  • Core Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques
  • Sematic Web and Ontologies
  • Data Mining in social sciences and economics:
    • Computational econometrics

    • Experimental Economics

    • Educational Data Mining

Source: AIST website.