DataFest Tbilisi

7-9 November 2018 was the first time Exactpro took part in DataFest Tbilisi, the leading data conference in the Caucasus. Anton Sitnikov, Chief Software Architect, Exactpro Systems, led a workshop on How Blockchain Technology Can be Utilized in FinTech. During another workshop, Exactpro’s NFT team shared their insights into Defect Mining in Exchange Trading Systems.

DataFest Tbilisi brings together journalists, CSO activists, marketing specialists, business professionals, government officials, data analysts, developers and designers working with data or willing to explore the data opportunities to network and share knowledge. The underlying theme for the 2018 event was data. Data was looked at through the prism of various contexts, the topics under discussion being:

  • Data Journalism and Truth, 
  • Data in Politics, 
  • Data Science and AI,
  • Data and Fintech
  • Data for Marketing
  • Data visualization

During his workshop in the Fintech stream, Anton Sitnikov talked about Exactpro’s experience working with blockchain. Anton showed how to create a FinTech application using the R3 open source distributed ledger technology and how to use it for data reconciliation. This was followed by another workshop led by Exactpro’s non-functional testing (NFT) team of Pavel Medvedev (Director, NFT), Stanislav Klimakov (Senior NFT Specialist), Mikhail Yamkovy (Senior NFT Specialist), who shared their experience on assuring the quality and efficiency of the international mission-critical financial technology infrastructures.

The 2018 event agenda included 16 inspirational talks, 35 workshops and 7 datathons delivered by experts from 14 countries.

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