The QA Financial Forum

Software Quality and Risk Management in the DevOps Universe.

The QA Financial Forum is a unique conference for QA Managers, Testing, Software Engineering, DevOps, Operational Risk and IT Risk Management. The forum addresses the main issues that banks, trading platforms and insurance companies face as they seek to implement new technologies in software automation. One of the key questions the forum addressed is how financial companies measure software quality, especially with regulators looking more closely at IT risk management.

Representing Exactpro, Luba Konnova, Senior QA Project Manager gave a talk entitled Learn, Dance, Demystify: How We Use AI Methods for Testing Mission-critical Software (Apprendre, Danser, Démystifier: Comment on utilise les méthodes de l'intelligence artificielle pour le test des solutions logicielles de mission critique). Luba  dwelled on the main Quality Assurance and workflow optimisation practices that Exactpro teams adhere to. 

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