The Software Tester's Day 2021 in Georgia

On 9 September, GeoSTQB, the official representative of the ISTQB Board in Georgia, in partnership with TBC Innovations and GITA hosted The Software Tester's Day 2021 webinar. This year, the celebration event took place for the 2nd time. The webinar featured presentations by international leaders in software testing, including Exactpro experts. The speakers reviewed current and future testing trends, as well as focused on the latest concepts of the software industry.

Topics to be discussed at the webinar included:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Testing,
  • The Ethical Aspects of Using AI Systems,
  • Code Coverage Using Cypress, 
  • Complexities of Android UI Testing, 
  • The Place of QAOps in DevOps. 

The webinar offered the attendees the opportunity to learn more about the launch of the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification video series in Georgian. 

Watch the recording of The Software Tester's Day 2021 webinar on the Exactpro Systems YouTube channel via the link below.

Watch The Software Tester's Day 2021 webinar

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