SQA Days #10

What is SQA Days?

For many experts and managers "Software Quality Assurance Days" is a great possibility to declare itself, and also to prepare high quality experts who will raise software quality and by that will strengthen competitive positions and create advantages.

The conference is devoted to the questions concerning testing and software quality assurance:

  • functional testing;

  • integration testing;

  • performance testing;

  • automation of testing and tools;

  • configuration testing;

  • usability testing;

  • security testing;

  • static methods of quality assurance;

  • introduction of testing processes at the enterprise;

  • management of software quality assurance processes;

  • management of testers and quality assurance engineers team;

  • testing outsourcing;

  • testing of system applications (not Web), games and mobile applications testing;

  • project team motivation and certification of software quality assurance experts.

Source: sqadays.com (RU).

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