EXTENT-2016: Conference Opening Speech

Welcome to EXTENT 2016 - Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends conference.

My name is Iosif Itkin. I work for Exactpro, the open access Quality Assurance branch of LSEG's technology services division.

We are delighted to see many expert colleagues in the audience just a day before the Brexit vote. Thank you very much for attending our conference.

Today's event is the sixth in the EXTENT conference series focused on tools and methods of program analysis, exploring ways to improve the quality and efficiency of software platforms underpinning the global financial markets. It is our first EXTENT in London, since Exactpro became part of the London Stock Exchange Group a year ago.

I would like to thank the partners of the conference -

  • TestPlant, a member of ELITE program,

  • Tricentis,

  • Global Trading,

  • GATElab,

  • Accedian Networks

  • and Turquoise

And a separate thank you to many people who have helped Exactpro to host this event.

If you look around you, you may see people sitting right next to you who most likely are working for your competitor. EXTENT is an open forum, and we are pleased with the fact that representatives from a number of firms across the industry have joined us today, including companies working in the same market segments as us. This event is to promote software quality across our industry. Let's work together on achieving better and more reliable markets.

We are very lucky to have an exceptional group of speakers today:

  • Practitioners - managing technology for the largest market infrastructures;

  • Innovators - creating the next generation of testing tools;

  • Researches - helping us to expand our horizons and reflect on the ways we do our work.

Huge Thanks to all speakers and panelists of our conference. We are truly honored that you have decided to share your thoughts and experience with us.

We will start with two keynote speeches:

  • Chris Corrado, COO and CIO of LSEG, will give a short overview of the London Stock Exchange Group's technology services and what we do for our own markets and for our partners.

  • He will be followed by his peer from the Moscow Exchange, Sergei Poliakoff, reporting on Real-Time Clearing.

Both presentations will be held here, in this room, called the Theater.

They will also be broadcast in the second room called the Forum and on the screens in the conference hall.

Following that, we will split the program into two separate threads. There will be different presentations taking place in each of the rooms, the Theater and the Forum.

After our keynote speeches, we will have 10 minutes before we begin our first presentations in either of the rooms for you to select a room.

Please proceed to the Forum to listen to Nan Zhang from GFT Technologies, speaking about Test Automation and Agile Testing, or stay here for my presentation on Machine Learning in Software Testing. We will have only 5 minutes for room switching after any consequent time slot.

We will proceed with a MillenniumIT presentation in the Theatre and Trading Technology Trends and Innovation from Bombay Stock Exchange in the Forum.

After the coffee break, the Theather will be dedicated to MiFID2 discussion, where Dr. Sandra Bramkhoff from Deutsche Börse will be followed by Nando la Posta from GATElab. There will also be a panel discussion there.

At that time, in the Forum, we are going to have five presentations:

  • Ingo Philip from Tricentis will speak on the future of testing,

  • Duncan Brigginshaw will tell us about implementing test automation for Clearstream, and

  • there will be three other presentations united by a single theme - testing for hardware accelerated FPGA-based systems - from Accedian, Netcope and Exactpro.

Health and safety.

You will see many people with the golden line on the badge. They represent event organizers. We are your friends, we are all here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you'll have any questions. We will offer a networking lunch at 1 p.m., so no one dies of hunger. Please talk to the organizers if you need to leave the building for some time for any reason and they will assist you.

I must advise you that the conference is recorded on camera and several journalists are with us today. Please be aware that anything you say may be used as part of published materials to help with educating a wider audience on the important issues under discussion today.

The conference will resume at 2 p.m. Six interesting presentations across two rooms will be available for you. It is a difficult choise.

In the Theather, we will start with Alexey Zverev from Exactpro on QA management and in the Forum, we will start with Jamie Allsop of Clearpool on Testing the Architecture.

Following them are Four Essential Elements of QA Solutions by Exactpro in the Theatre and PF Soft on On-boarding process in the Forum. After that, please see Technology Trends in Capital Markets by Branavan from Millennium in the Forum and Industry Practices of Advanced Program Analysis by Alexey Khoroshilov from the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Theatre.

Then, in the Theater, Jeremy Norwood from Tradition Group will talk about Delivering Quality from Chaos. This presentation will be broadcast in both rooms. Alyona Lamash from Exactpro will follow on the subject of Testing Clearing and Settlement systems.

We will conclude our conference program with:

  • a panel discussion on test automation in the Theather, and

  • a master class from Börse Stuttgart on testing, done during the implementation of a New Trading System, in the Forum. We will be holding a Drinks Reception at the end of day.

I look forward to an interesting day ahead of us, and it is my pleasure to turn the floor over to the London Stock Exchange Group CIO and COO, Chris Corrado.

Thank you.

"EXTENT Conference is dedicated to quality and efficiency of software and hardware platforms used in trading systems, securities data distribution, risk management, market surveillance and post-trade.
For the 2016 agenda and more conference-related materials, please visit: Extent Conference Program 2016

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