ISTQB CTFL Preparation Course

Proven professional excellence in Software Testing is a skill, highly demanded worldwide. 

Whether you are thinking of starting a career in software testing or want to improve your existing skill set, join us for this ISTQB CTFL Preparation Course and let us help you get on with your journey. 

The course is held by the global team of Exactpro specialists. We have successfully tested and released into live service such complex financial systems as trading, clearing and settlement platforms, market data, collateral and risk management systems, as well as regulatory reporting systems. We are happy to share years of experience with you on this course!

Course Details

Our course program will follow the structure of the ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus (the 2018 edition) which will be supplemented with practical workshops, illustrative examples and real-world use cases from the IT and finance industries. The program of the course is currently under approval with ISTQB, we hope that very soon we will share the news of the course being officially accredited. 

We are launching the first run of the course on 7 March 2022.

9 weeks of theory, practice and Q&A sessions.

We will add the schedule of the upcoming course soon.

Each week, the participants will be expected to attend 2 sessions: a theory session (1.5 hours) and a practice session (1.5 hours).

Before each theory session, you will be asked to watch a pre-recorded lecture at your own pace.

Before each practical session, you will be offered a short test. The sessions will start with a Q&A on the test and other chapter questions.
The final week of the course will be dedicated to taking the Mock Exam.

The course will end in a mock exam consolidating the acquired knowledge and helping the participants get ready for taking the official ISTQB CTFL exam. The students who pass the mock exam with the score of 65% and higher will be offered an internship opportunity or a position at Exactpro, depending on the participant’s preferences and the availability of options at the time of passing the exam.

To feel comfortable with the contents of the course, we recommend that you join with the level of English of B2 and higher, although individual exceptions may apply.

The first run of the course starting on 7 March 2022 will be free of charge for all participants.
In the next runs, a standard fee will apply.*

*No fee will apply to select students of partner universities.

ISTQB CTFL Preparation Course at a Glance


Certificate Upon Completion
Earn a certificate for future reference 


100% Online Course
Join us from anywhere in the world


Fixed Schedule
2 interactive sessions per week 


Instructor support for the duration 
of the course and pre-exam (3 months in total)


New opportunities for career growth


Beginner Level
No prior experience required


Approx 2 months to complete
Upgrade your skill set in no time!


We speak English, so does the IT industry

Meet the Experts

Iosif Itkin, co-founder and co-CEO of Exactpro
Iosif Itkin

Co-founder and co-CEO of Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester – CTFL 2019-02-08

A4Q AI and Software Testing – 2020-02-01

Luba Konnova, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro
Luba Konnova

Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro


Semyon Kovalev, Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Exactpro
Semyon Kovalev

Senior QA Analyst, Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester CTFL – 2021-02-17

Dmitry Medvedev, Senior Software Engineer, Exactpro
Dmitry Medvedev

Senior Software Engineer, Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester – CTFL 2016-05-28

Ekaterina Volobueva, DocOps Engineer, Exactpro
Ekaterina Volobueva

DocOps Engineer, Exactpro


Larisa Chernaya, Software Tester, Exactpro
Larisa Chernaya

Software Tester, Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester – ISTQB CTFL 2020-12-19

Sophio Shankulashvili, Middle Software Tester, Exactpro
Sophio Shankulashvili

Middle Software Tester, Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester – CTFL 2021-04-10

Dmitry Degtyarenko, Сreative Manager, Exactpro
Dmitry Degtyarenko

Сreative Manager, Exactpro

ISTQB Certified Tester – CTFL 2016-05-30


Time: 18:00 GET (15:00 CET)

  Date Theme Experts
WEEK 1 "Fundamentals of Testing"
Theory 7 Mar Understanding of software testing and its necessity, key terms and definitions, seven testing principles, psychology of testing Ekaterina Volobueva/Sopio Shankulashvili
Practice 10 Mar Test and Q&A session on "Fundamentals of Testing" Ekaterina Volobueva/ Sopio Shankulashvili
WEEK 2 "Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle"
Theory 14 Mar Understanding of software development lifecycle models, test levels, test types and maintenance testing Sopio Shankulashvili/Ekaterina Volobueva/
Practice 17 Mar Test and Q&A session on "Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle" Sopio Shankulashvili/Ekaterina Volobueva/
WEEK 3 "Static Testing"
Theory 21 Mar Understanding of static testing basics and review process Ekaterina Volobueva/Sopio Shankulashvili
Practice 24 Mar Test and Q&A session on "Static Testing" Ekaterina Volobueva/Luba Konnova
WEEK 4 "Test Techniques". Part I
Theory 28 Mar Understanding of categories of test techniques and black-box test techniques Iosif Itkin
Practice 31 Mar Test and Q&A session on "Test Techniques" Iosif Itkin
WEEK 5 "Test Techniques". Part II
Theory 5 Apr Understanding of black-box test techniques and experience-based test techniques Iosif Itkin
Practice 7 Apr Test and Q&A session on "Test Techniques" Iosif Itkin
WEEK 6 "Test Management". Part I
Theory 11 Apr Understanding of test organization, test planning and estimation, test monitoring and Control Dmitry Medvedev/Luba Konnova
Practice 14 Apr Test and Q&A session on "Test Management" Dmitry Medvedev/Luba Konnova
WEEK 7 "Test Management". Part II
Theory 18 Apr Understanding of configuration management, risks and testing, defect management Dmitry Medvedev/Luba Konnova
Practice 21 Apr Test and Q&A session on "Test Management" Dmitry Medvedev/Luba Konnova
WEEK 8 "Tool Support for Testing"
Theory 26 Apr Understanding of test tool considerations and effective use of testing tools Luba Konnova/Dmitry Medvedev
Practice 28 Apr Test and Q&A session on "Tool Support for Testing" Luba Konnova/Dmitry Medvedev
Exam 2 May Exam will consist of 40 questions. Attendees are allowed to give not more than 14 wrong answers to pass the exam

About Exactpro

Exactpro is an award-winning provider of software testing and development services for mission-critical technology of the global financial markets. Our specialists regularly conduct educational events across Eastern Europe.