Exactpro to Participate in AIST

On 5-7 July, Exactpro is taking part in the 7th AIST Conference on the Analysis of Images, Social Networks, and Texts. Iosif Itkin, Exactpro co-CEO and co-Founder, is scheduled to speak in the Startups and Industry section of the event.

The AIST conference series boasts being a meeting point for scientists, industry professionals and startups representatives to exchange expertise and build effective project teams on Data Science related projects.

Iosif Itkin, Exactpro co-CEO and co-Founder, is scheduled to give a talk in the Startups and Industry section with the topic to be announced soon.

The AIST hackathon is the central platform of the event. The participating teams will have three days to explore news, blockchain transactions, social media and pricing data to present their insight into the world of cryptocurrencies. Natural Language Processing (NLP) will also be one of the primary focus areas for AIST 2018, with a tutorial on text classification and a presentation on news processing at Mail.ru. There will also be an NLP section in the Core Data Science section of the conference.

About AIST
This year’s AIST Conference will be held at Moscow Polytechnic University. The conference is aimed at computer scientists and industry professionals whose research interests involve applications of data mining and machine learning techniques to various problem domains: image processing, analysis of social networks, and natural language processing. AIST boasts its interdisciplinary nature, bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners. AIST proceedings, in the form of selected papers, are published with Springer.