Exactpro Strengthens R&D through Cooperation with HSE

Exactpro and the Faculty of Computer Science of Higher School of Economics (HSE) have forged a new partnership by signing an agreement of research cooperation and launched a summer internship programme for HSE.

The programme is going to be led by Iosif Itkin, an Exactpro Co-CEO, and Rostislav Yavorsky of HSE, and will start with conducting a series of seminars on the implementation of machine learning for electronic stock market surveillance systems testing. The research team is currently made up of undergraduate HSE students, who will carry out a 6-month study focused on formal verification of stock trading algorithms.

In addition, within the framework of two-week summer internships, other HSE students led by Anna Gromova, an Exactpro R&D specialist, will focus on defect classification and natural language processing of software defect reports.

As part of the agreement, the two organisations have also partnered in preparation for the upcoming peer-reviewed Tools & Methods of Program Analysis Conference, taking place in March 2017 (http://tmpaconf.org/).

“We are certain that our cooperation with HSE will provide a valuable contribution in the sphere of quality assurance of trading algorithms, complement the existing research done on this topic by computer scientists, and strengthen the Exactpro service quality delivery to our customers”, says Iosif Itkin.

Consistently ranked as one of Russia’s top universities, the Higher School of Economics is one of the prominent universities in eastern Europe and Eurasia. The Faculty of Computer Science was created in March 2014 and comprises the School of Software Engineering, the Department of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, and the Department of Big Data and Information Retrieval.

HSE. Faculty of Computer Science site.