KGI selects The Technancial Company to manage risk and grow their business

KGI Ong Capital and The Technancial Company (TTC) announced today that KGI will utilise TTC's JANUS™ Risk Manager platform (JRM) to enhance their client services with real time monitoring.

Following extensive market research into various risk management systems, KGI Ong Capital chose JANUS™ Risk Manager as the ideal platform to have for monitoring pan Asian market risk exposure in real time. TTC JANUS™ Risk Manager's proven solution delivers real time portfolio margin information for thousands of client accounts, while at the same time using customer tailored alerts to sort and present the most valuable feedback to risk managers and customers alike.

Incorporated within the initial platform roll out will be a wide range of flexible rules. In addition to which, the open connections TTC offers to other systems provides the opportunity to link JRM alerts to Exchange Kill Switches for use in critical situations where manual intervention could result in costly delays. TTC has invested a great deal of time and skills in Asian markets and sees this as a further opportunity to deepen TTC's expertise.

Mirko Marcadella, MD of The Technancial Company, said: 'The advantages that TTC's JANUS™ Risk Manager offers are unlike other less cost effective Risk and Surveillance solutions. Our system is not only independent of trading platforms and exchanges but is a tried, tested and trusted fast and neutral referee in an increasingly complex and time sensitive global business. KGI Ong Capital will be positioned to compete in a more level playing field where time to market is critical.'

Philip Huang, Risk Manager of KGI Ong Capital Pte. Ltd., said: 'We are delighted to work with Technancial to offer the combination of technology and brokerage expertise, which we believe is a powerful and a unique proposition.'

Source: News, Mondo Visione