Online QA Meetup

On 17 June, at the QA Meetup we discussed the benefits of investing into Quality Assurance and took a deep dive into HiVAT testing. We had great experts who joined the discussion. The agenda included:

The Impact of Digital Product Quality on Business – Tinatin Tsirekidze, Head of Software QA Team, Liberty Bank, and Vice President of GeoSTQB.

During the presentation, we reviewed the multiple positive effects Quality Assurance has on organisations and individuals alike.

“As we move towards being an increasingly digitally-embedded society, the influence of software grows bigger. Software contributes to improving life standards, enhancing business prospects and making a smart world a reality. In addition to affecting the industry and the commerce sectors, today, software plays a critical role for people of all walks of life. However, they all equally rely on its smooth and fail-proof functioning.”

High Volume Automated Testing – Iosif Itkin, CEO and co-founder, Exactpro.

The presentation discussed the general concept of high volume automated testing (HiVAT) –  first introduced by Cem Kaner – and the examples of HiVAT techniques. 

“In modern high-availability financial technology systems, there is a need for sending a large number of messages into the system under test for a continuous period of time. In order to expose defects related to message flow processing, scrupulous functional verification of outgoing messages and the system’s internal states is required. The set of methods used for it is known as HiVAT – High Volume Automated Testing. These methods are designed to recognize problems that are likely to remain undetected when other testing approaches are used, for example, those involving manual creation of automated testing scenarios and, therefore, producing statistically insufficient quantity of output data.”

The language of the event is English. 
Watch the recording of the QA meetup via the link below.

Watch the QA Meetup