Software Tester’s Day 2022 in Georgia

The Exactpro team was pleased to join the celebration of the Software Tester’s Day 2022 on 9-10 September. The two-day event was hosted by GeoSTQB, the official representative of the ISTQB Board in Georgia.

The program featured keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions by both Georgian and internationally recognised software testing professionals on the latest trends and research findings in the Quality Assurance (QA) industry. Companies actively looking for QA specialists had the opportunity to showcase their current job openings and benefits during the event.

Exactpro representatives shared their insights as part of the program, as well as introduced candidates to the company’s vacancies, projects and core values at the exhibition hall.

The conference agenda included but was not limited to the following topics:

  • ISTQB Products Walkthrough — Mobile and Gambling Apps Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • How to Select the Right Tool for Software Testing
  • Characteristics of Leading a Multicultural Testing Team
  • Terraform Testing
  • Women in Software Testing
  • Test Management Best Practices

As part of the event, Sergey Pavlov, Head of Capital Markets at Exactpro, gave a presentation on Software Testing for Financial Market Infrastructures: Team Composition and Competencies. Sergey’s talk reviewed the three main pillars underpinning Exactpro operations – Processes, Platforms and People – that are essential for the success of the company’s Software Testing projects. With a particular emphasis on people, Sergey discussed how the principle of equivalence of the complexity of the test library to the complexity of the system under test leads to the necessity of various roles within the Software Testing team.