AI Testing Talks – Test Design for AI Systems

On 13 May, we launched AI Testing Talks – a series of lectures discussing the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to various software testing processes as well as the software testing approaches and tools used in testing AI-based solutions. 

Exactpro AI Researcher Murad Mamedov gave a presentation on the “Test Design for AI Systems”.

“Machine Learning (ML) has achieved remarkable progress over the past decade and has been widely applied to many industry domains, including safety-critical ones. With the expansion of ML, the risks related to correctness and robustness are also evolving. Businesses and governments are mitigating the risks with regulatory activities. Since software testing is an important aspect of monitoring and control processes, its applications in ML-based systems (MLS) are also evolving.”

During this lecture, we discussed what's already achieved in the area of AI testing, what challenges businesses have already encountered and the possible ways to tackle them.

You can watch the recording of Murad's lecture below.

If you are interested in the AI Testing Talks event series, you can also register your participation in the upcoming Anomaly Detection mini-course by Rostislav Yavorski, Head of Research, Exactpro, via the link below.

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