Exactpro Webinar with Kari Kakkonen, author of "Dragons Out!"

On 19 August, Kari Kakkonen, Director at Knowit, Author, Treasurer at FiSTB, gave a talk on his recently published book “Dragons Out!” and the work he is doing in software testing advocacy among children and young adults. With imaginative fantasy stories, the book not only significantly expands the traditional audience interested in the topic, but serves as a great introduction for adults willing to get acquainted with software testing. 

Kari Kakkonen has been working on testing tool implementations, being involved in software development and testing, consulting and training since 1996. He is Treasurer of FiSTB (the Finnish Software Testing Board), ISTQB Executive Committee member 2015-2021 (istqb.org), board member of the Finnish Association of Software Testers, former auditor of Robot Framework Foundation, and member of Agile Finland.

Throughout his career, Kari has been taking an active thought leadership role in multiple professional communities. He was one of the keynote speakers at the first A4Q World Congress with a talk on Encouraging Children into Software Testing this spring and gave a presentation about the Future of Software Testing and its major trends, such as the Agile methodology, DevOps, AI and test automation at last year’s GeoSTQB meetup.

The language of the webinar is English. The recording of the webinar is available via the link below. 

Watch the webinar