Exactpro Test Automation Approaches: Case Studies in Collateral Management


These case studies discuss testing of a collateral and liquidity management system for a leading global rates and multi-asset clearing house and a multi-national central counterparty.

Case Study 1: Testing Collateral and Liquidity Management for a Global Clearing House


  • To identify the impact across all available reports & outputs from Calypso;
  • To identify the expected result — several reports based on multiple days’ market data;
  • To secure proper coverage with a set of input data (for instance, account structure, its roles, collateral types, cover preferences, markets, products, rates, place of custody) which allows emulating all required combinations and cases;
  • To simulate a cover distribution model keeping in mind the coverage matrix above in order to derive the expected behavior and outputs for actual results reconciliation.

Case Study 2: An End-to-End Scenario for Collateral Fee Charge to Verify that Clearing House Charges Set for Custodians are Accurate

Case Study 3: An End-to-End Scenario for Cash Withdrawal Flow

End-to-End business flow steps covering emulation and validation of the flow:

  1. Cash Withdrawal instruction via Web UI;
  2. Cash Withdrawal authorization via Web UI;
  3. Calypso side: validation of related Margin Call, Transfers and Messages and relevant limit breaks on the task station;
  4. Verifying generated MT202;
  5. Emulating ACK message;
  6. Checking that transfers are settled and Instruction completion message appears in Web UI;
  7. Emulating MT950.

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