th2 - The Next-gen Test Automation Framework for Financial Markets

th2 offers stock exchanges, clearing houses, central securities depositories (CSDs), and other financial infrastructures a comprehensive end-to-end technology agnostic AI-driven test automation solution. It aims to help regulated capital markets participants stay compliant and resilient to disruption, while focusing on innovation and having the freedom to embrace emerging technologies most relevant to their clients’ needs. Built with these goals in mind, th2 brings unprecedented flexibility, breadth and depth of software testing to the financial industry.

th2 frameworks, combined with Exactpro’s proprietary financial system models and advanced analytics tools, form Exactpro’s AI Testing approach. Each th2 implementation is uniquely customised to support a separate type of financial services infrastructure modernisation.

About th2

The th2 toolkit is designed to enable automation in functional and non-functional testing for complex distributed transaction processing systems. These include securities trading systems and exchanges, banking and broker systems, post-trade (e.g. clearing, settlement, custody) and payments platforms, and many more. th2 is a Kubernetes-driven microservices solution tailor-made to deliver efficient machine-driven end-to-end test libraries with comprehensive coverage of your system. th2 consolidates the power of the entire Exactpro test tool suite in a single platform.


  • delivers end-to-end automated functional and non-functional testing of complex financial systems
  • enables intelligent interaction with many widely adopted network protocols as well as API, UI, DLT and cloud endpoints
  • executes sophisticated test algorithms
  • collects and processes distributed test data (for machine learning and other purposes)
  • performs model-based testing and analyzes the behavior of systems under test
  • integrates with a variety of widely adopted test tools and frameworks via its open interface    
th2 – Test Automation for the Next Generation of Financial Technology

th2 features

Platform and technology agnostic


Customised for financial systems

th2: Strategic data acquisition th2: Strategic data acquisition

Strategic data acquisition

Unified data warehouse

Pervasive automation opportunities

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Who works with th2?

Professionals working with th2 are Software Development Engineers in Test who combine the roles of programmers, testers and data analysts equally well. 

th2 benefits

  1. The capacity to execute more functional tests under load to improve test coverage, system quality and resilience
  2. Faster processing of output from massive automated test execution to decrease time to market
  3. Technology stack with an open interface to facilitate the adoption of digital technology (Cloud, DLT)
  4. Unified storage of test results in the Cassandra database to enable better access to test evidence and smart analytics for governance and regulatory compliance

th2 in Open Source

The th2 source code is released on GitHub and open for contributions from the software testing professionals community.

Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a widely adopted battle-tested container platform with a strong track record of implementation in the industry, including financial services. Exactpro teams have gained substantial hands-on experience using the Kubernetes infrastructure stack, and it has proven to bring real business value in high-volume automated testing of modern distributed transaction processing systems. Exactpro thought leadership publications often point out that the complexity of the software testing system should measure up to the complexity of the software system under test. Kubernetes is a solution that allows one to rise to the new levels of complexity presented by the new generation of financial market infrastructures. In 2021, the finance industry is likely to see cloud adoption rise, so the question is going to be whether firms will have leveraged enough highly skilled professional expertise to handle this complexity. 

th2: Exactpro's Next-Generation Test Automation Framework

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