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Expanding Georgia's IT Landscape: Building a professional community in software testing

Throughout the entire existence of Exactpro, adhering to the principle of 'Exitus Acta Probat' – where it is the outcome that validates the actions taken – has been the team’s guiding force. As a company, we firmly believe in persistently pursuing our goals, no matter how challenging, until they are achieved.

In this paper, we describe a case study illustrating this principle: this piece tells a story of a great collaboration between an Exactpro’s local branch and a newly established certification body that helped forge a new professional community transforming the IT landscape in Georgia.

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AI's Creativity for Comprehensive Coverage: On Responsible Testing of Financial Technology

In the fast-evolving landscape of financial technology, many industry players find themselves facing the question of whether they need to respond to the latest trends and harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to keep their competitive edge. In the financial services domain, data plays a crucial role, and the abundance of data makes a strong case for leveraging AI in most of the numerous use cases. Whether it is transactional data, market data, customer data, or other financial datasets, AI can extract valuable insights and boost efficiency in the associated tasks.

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Product Governance Frameworks Testing

In light of the new UK FCA Consumer Duty policy, product development in the banking and asset management space is becoming increasingly complex and more tightly regulated. This has triggered the demand to invest in the technology able to support, automate and document the product/service lifecycle within a single framework. 

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Confident innovation: Transforming software testing to drive change

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of today’s financial services landscape is its rapid expansion towards new technologies, new use cases and their implementations. The speed of innovation goes hand in hand with growing complexity: year after year, financial technology platforms become more sophisticated – multi-threaded, distributed, handling increasing volumes of data and aiming at faster processing speeds. A wide variety of emerging technologies creates a new reality, in which new approaches and technology solutions reshape existing subject domains and cause a significant requirements shift. To claim their place in the industry, fintech players – technology providers and end-user institutions alike – have to respond to this trend. On the one hand, they need to rapidly innovate in order to keep their competitive edge. On the other hand, organisations must fulfil their obligations to their clients by ensuring the reliability and robustness of the solutions they build.

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Cross-chain Ecosystem

DLT is rapidly claiming its place in the global fintech landscape, penetrating the most critical industry use cases. The multitude of DLT frameworks available brings not only the promise of more financial freedom, but also the challenge of harmonising them from the technical, as well as the regulatory standpoint, to truly guarantee transaction security and transparency. If not taken into account, these aspects could result in DLT jeopardising the payments ecosystems both nationally and internationally. Setting up a single inter-DLT framework seems like a viable solution to address the risks and allow more users to access the technology. 

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