TMPA-2019: Passive Testing Techniques in Practice
TMPA-2019: Panel Discussion on Software Quality Assurance
TMPA-2019: Making Bounded Model Checking Interprocedural in (Static Analysis) Style
TMPA-2019: Development of Test Suite with Formally Verified FSM Coverage: A Case Study
TMPA-2019: Petri Nets and Their Extensions - Part 2
TMPA-2019: Chaotic Time Series Prediction: Run for the Horizon
TMPA-2019: Random Graph Model for Structural Analysis of Online Communications
TMPA-2019: About Using of Strings Similarity Conception in Software Engineering
TMPA-2019: Relation between Test Coverage and Timed Automata Model Structure
TMPA-2019: On DB-nets and Their Applications
TMPA-2019: Time Series Classification Based on Visualization of Recurrence Plots
TMPA-2019: Building an Adaptive Log Classification System. An Industrial Report