Our Statement on Ukraine

Exactpro unequivocally condemns the aggression against the Ukrainian people. We have relatives, friends and colleagues in Ukraine.

Over the 12+ years of its existence, Exactpro has grown into a global business spread across 6 continents. We are headquartered in the UK with operations in the US, Georgia, Lithuania and Sri Lanka. 

The diversity of our backgrounds is what ensures a diversity of the software testing approaches and scenarios that we have at our disposal. The best software testing instrument is the human brain, and our business benefits from a wide diversity of insights and opinions. Being an inclusive business enriches our collective skills and builds stronger Quality Assurance communities across our delivery locations.

At the time of war, it is crucial to support people who are being displaced from their homes and subjected to having to rebuild their lives in a foreign country. As we grow our software development and testing delivery centres in Georgia and Sri Lanka, we aim to create a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment for specialists who already live in these countries and also for people fleeing from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

We recognise the individual inputs each of our colleagues provides and pride ourselves in being an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of nation of origin, race, religion, gender, disabilities or any other criteria, and we believe in meritocracy and equal opportunity for all our employees. More importantly, we make it our mission to help as many IT specialists as possible regain the much-needed consistency and stability in their lives. We believe that we are stronger together, especially in these difficult times!