Related services

Exactpro specialists provide open access Quality Assurance services to customers. In many cases, the customers also ask us to provide related services that leverage the value of our staff and tools.

Complementary areas (Additional depth)
  • Tuning and optimization
  • Supporting legacy applications
  • Business analysis from historic data
  • Developing trading and post-trade systems and their components
  • Customization and integration of trading and post-trade platforms
  • Using test tools for platform data cleanup & migration
  • Operational support based on QA experience
  • Support of client on-boarding and certification

Quality Assurance

Financial Products, Platforms, Pre and Post Trade, Commodities, Derivatives Equities, Fixed Income, FX
  • Matching Engines
  • Smart Order Routing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Market Data Distribution
  • Market Venue Connectivity
  • Order and Execution Management
  • Deal Capture & Position Keeping
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Risk Management
  • Reference Data
  • Middle Office
  • Messaging
  • Collateral Management
Quality Assurance: test planning and management
  • Test automation
  • Test data management
  • Latency & capacity testing
  • Automated regression testing
  • Creating and productizing state-of-the-art test harnesses
  • Protocol level testing using FIX/FAST, SOAP, HTTP, ITCH, SWIFT, MQ, SQL, proprietary binary and text based data formats, etc.
  • Gathering requirements and test scenario creation (human, message & reporting interfaces)
  • Intelligent functional and exploratory testing
  • Intelligent Management of Large Data Sets
  • Process audit and test coverage analysis

Software Development

Exactpro has a strong capability in software development. Primarily the development team are there to create Exactpro’s test automation tool suite, but we also undertake development projects for our customers. Here are some examples of the types of projects and technologies used:

Historical Database and Monitoring Dashboard for Execution Venue

DWH Database collecting market data and all trading transactions supporting reports from business. Additional Dashboard for real-time and historical data/metrics

Technologies: Java, C++, PostgreSQL, Web

Excel Trading Engine

Analyzes Excel spreadsheets and controls order flow depending on data in cells

Technologies: Excel, Microsoft.NET, C#, Fidessa, RTD, DDE

Market Surveillance System for Model-based Testing

Next generation of environment monitoring tool for Trading Systems QA

Technologies: Java, akka, Google LevelDB, 0MQ

Liquidity Metrics Calculator for Execution Venue

Calculates various Market Making metrics based on FIX flow and uses them to rate Market Making of each participant

Technologies: Java, Excel Macros

Web Trading Platform

Web server for complex OTC derivatives trading and real-time display of calculated prices and broker quotes within Desks and their clients

Technologies: Java, Web, PostgreSQL, RF API

Development in Test

Tools for static and dynamic program analysis

Technologies: Java, С++, Microsoft.NET, MySQL, Oracle, Python, Excel VBA, Linux bash