About Us

Our Mission

Exactpro specialises in software testing services and related software development with focus on test automation for securities data distribution, trading systems, risk management, market surveillance and post-trade infrastructures.

We use bespoke tools and methods for every challenge and do whatever it takes to help our clients.

Our People

Exactpro is a fast-growing and agile company. We have been able to attract and retain a superb technical team of talented engineers. Exactpro staff are technically advanced, responsible, proactive, thorough, flexible and responsive to clients' requests and needs. Clients worldwide, including execution venues, brokers, buy-side, technology vendors, trust us due to our transparency, reliability and track record.

Management team

Our Tools

Effective test automation with wide coverage and focus on cost efficiency, maintainability and sustainability is one of the areas where we have seen success in the recent years. We could not have done it without a suite of test automation tools, which we have developed over the years to provide the services.

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Our Experience

Our team has in-depth understanding of the technologies and business logic behind matching engines, smart order routing, algorithmic trading, order management, market data dissemination, straight-through processing, clearing and settlement for equities, fixed income, FX, listed and OTC derivatives.

We have considerable experience working with ultra-low latency systems and FIX-based solutions. In addition to functional and non-functional testing, we also verify that our customers' systems are compliant with regulations.

The Deliberate Practice of Software Testing

The test libraries and tools we have developed over the years apply to various business contexts, from regulated markets to MTFs, from dark pools to clearinghouses and brokerage systems. They have been successfully implemented in a wide range of technical and middleware infrastructures.

Modern exchange platforms are highly sophisticated by design and require continuous testing to ensure their resilience.

Our Deliberate Practice of Software Testing approach is based on modelling the system under test, which allows us to create test libraries that serve as an executable specification for such highly complex platforms. This is a deliberate practice, meaning that it is systematic and focused on achieving the specific goal of improving performance.

Instead of relying on a fixed data subset, we constantly strive to widen the testing scope. Instead of confining the test scope to a limited number of requirements, we have learned to see the system under test as something that evolves and changes over time, and is not a static sum of its parts.

Software testing is relentless learning. The best software testing instrument is the human brain.

We create a mental model of the system (the Theory of Everything), implement it in the code (Build Software to Test Software) and use it to produce a multitude of relevant test scenarios and their expected outcomes.

Our Commitment

Some of the key contributors to our success as a company include absolute commitment to the highest quality in everything we do for our customers, adherence to the principles of deliberate practice of software testing, as well as staying focused on providing the necessary growth opportunities for our staff.