EIRD Conference 2021

“Recent Challenges in Modern Science” is an Online Academic Panel Conference and Discussion that took place this Saturday, 27 March, hosted by the European Institute for Research and Development.

As part of the Conference program, Natia Sirbiladze, CEO of Exactpro Systems Georgia, Co-Founder & President at GeoSTQB – Georgian Software Testing Qualifications Board – delivered a speech on Women in Tech.

The event program included a presentations section and a discussion panel.

The conference agenda covered the following topics:

  • Academic research: COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
  • Covid19 Influence on Economy
  • Distant Learning: The Opportunities and Problems
  • Threats to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Recent Issues in Economics and Business
  • Recent Challenges in Social Science
  • Recent Challenges in Engineering

About EIRD

European Institute for Research and Development (EIRD) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018. The main purpose of EIRD is to increase efficiency and collaboration between various academic societies around the world. To reach the core target of improving overall efficiency throughout the academic world, EIRD regularly organizes International Academic Conferences, Workshops, Round Tables and other Networking Meetings. Learn more: https://eird.co/

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