ICST 2023

The 16th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2023 took place on 16-20 April in Dublin, Ireland. The event brought together researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners from around the world to share the most recent research findings, ideas, developments and applications in the field of Software Testing, Verification and Validation. 

As part of the TestEd track of the conference, on 16 April, Natia Sirbiladze, CEO of Exactpro Georgia, presented a paper on Intracompany Training in Software Testing: Experience Report, co-authored by Elena Treshcheva, Programme Manager, Iosif Itkin, CEO and Co-founder, and Rostislav Yavorskiy, Head of Research. 

The paper summarised the team’s experience in the field of software testing education obtained through the development of an extensive internal training program for entry-level software testing specialists. It also discussed the educational approach, course design, instruction tools and techniques, as well as the challenges and lessons learned in the setting of an international, multicultural, and geographically-distributed classroom.

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Exactpro is an independent software testing services provider for financial sector organisations. Our clients are exchanges, post-trade platform operators, and banks across 20 countries. Our area of expertise comprises protocol-based testing of matching engines, market data, market surveillance, clearing and settlement systems, improving scalability, latency and operational resiliency. Exactpro is involved in a variety of transformation programmes related to large-scale cloud and DLT implementations at systemically important organisations. 

Our tools and approaches leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help harness the power of big data analytics to automate the generation of test ideas and the interpretation of test results. We also use smart execution capabilities to support full-scale AI adoption at Exactpro and within our client firms.

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Founded in 2009, the Exactpro Group is headquartered in the UK and operates delivery centres in Georgia, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Lithuania and the UK and representative offices in the US, Canada, Italy and Australia. Exactpro employs over 650 staff.