The Third IEEE International Conference On AI Testing

AITest Conference provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange novel research results, to articulate the practical problems and challenges, to deepen our understanding of the subject area with new theories, methodologies, techniques, processes models, and to improve on the existing tools and resources.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are already widely used in computer applications to perform tasks such as monitoring, forecasting, recommending, prediction, and statistical reporting.  However, in spite of this dramatic progress, the quality assurance of existing AI application development processes is still far from satisfactory, and the demand for being able to show demonstrable levels of confidence in such systems is growing. 

However, the adaptation of software testing to the peculiarities of AI applications remains largely unexplored and needs extensive research to be performed. On the other hand, the availability of AI technologies provides an exciting opportunity to improve existing software testing processes, and recent years have shown that machine learning, data mining, knowledge representation, constraint optimization, planning, scheduling, multi-agent systems have real potential to positively impact software testing. Recent years have seen a rapid growth of interest in testing AI applications as well as application of AI techniques to software testing. 

On 25 August, Murad Mamedov, Exactpro researcher, presented a paper on "Building a Reusable Defect Resolution Time Prediction Model Based on a Massive Open-Source Dataset: An Industrial Report".
Paper authors: 
Murad Mamedov, AI Researcher, Exactpro
Ksenia Vorontsova, AI Researcher, Exactpro
Elena Treshcheva, Program Manager, Exactpro
Iosif Itkin, CEO and co-founder, Exactpro

The 2021 IEEE Summit On Future Technology — Future Intelligence And Technology took place as a co-located AI Test 2021 event. As part of the program, Elena Treshcheva and Iosif Itkin gave a talk on Data-driven Testing and Test Automation For Complex Intelligent Systems on 26 August. 

The 2021 IEEE Autonomous Driving AI Test Challenge – co-sponsored by Exactpro – was held among the co-located AITest events on 23-26 August with the aim of finding ways to reduce the cost and increase the testing efficiency in the autonomous driving industry. As part of the event, the participating teams showcased their solutions they have been working on since March. 

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