ZOIS Summit Vienna (12 July)

The Zero Outage Executive Summit, hosted by the Zero Outage Industry Standard (ZOIS) and the University of Vienna, took place as an in-person event on 12 July. A diverse group of IT Professionals and members of academia joined forces in Vienna to address key industry challenges and find possible solutions via standardising behaviours, skills and management scenarios and improving the current best people management and skill development practices. 

The summit agenda included many forms of interaction between experts and participants and revolved around the following topics:

  • IT people skills/Leadership in IT Outages
  • IoT Security & Cloud Security Standard
  • Soft Skills for IT people

Exactpro was delighted to attend the Zero Outage Executive Summit 2022 and have the opportunity to introduce the participants to th2 – Exactpro’s framework for automation in functional and non-functional testing – and the work we do in the effort to increase the operational resilience of global financial markets.