Alyona Lamash

Director, Head of Risk Management Practice, Technology

Alyona holds Master of Science degree from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of the Moscow State University. Upon graduation, she started working on quality assurance projects in the financial markets industry. One of Alyona's first projects was testing a deal capturing and position keeping system for a leading financial applications provider. In parallel with studying and verifying the financial calculations and business logic of the complex globally distributed system, she also trained other financial engineers on her team. A few of Alyona's next projects were in the financial risk management industry. As a business analyst involved in the development of a Collateral Management system for a large investment bank, Alyona worked directly with the end business users of the system on transforming their business needs and experience-based feedback into a set of formal requirements. Alyona's education combined with quality assurance and business analysis skills gained during earlier projects made her successful in developing a robust and efficient test architecture methodology.

Having joined Exactpro Systems in December 2009 as Head of Risk Management Practice, Alyona is building a team of risk management experts and quality assurance engineers. It is believed that Risk Management is as much an art as it is a science. Alyona agrees and adds that the best Quality Assurance and Business Analysis practitioners approach their projects the same way.