AI in Software Testing

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how can it be used in software testing? What are AI's current and soon-to-be roles in ensuring reliable validation of software quality?

On 10 May, we hosted an online webinar on AI in Software Testing. The event featured discussions on the current trends in AI applied to various software testing processes. The webinar was  attended by internationally recognised software testing professionals.



Natia Sirbiladze, CEO of Exactpro Georgia

Natia Sirbiladze
CEO of Exactpro Georgia


To set the scene for the discussion, Natia Sirbiladze will introduce Exactpro and its main focus areas, as well as provide an overview of the relevance of AI in today's software testing context and introduce the webinar speakers.

ISTQB® goes AI

Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, ISTQB Vice President, Germany

Klaudia Dussa-Zieger
ISTQB President


“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is conquering the world. We see its application in a multitude of domains and industries, including e-commerce, logistics, manufacture, medical domain, and many more. Like conventional systems – or even more so, due to their structural complexity and their non-deterministic nature – the systems with AI components need to be thoroughly tested.

ISTQB started looking into AI research in 2019. That’s when the development of a Certified Tester syllabus for the AI Testing (CT-AI) was launched. In the presentation, we will briefly describe how the syllabus was created and then focus on its content. We will look at the details of the syllabus, e.g. the Machine Learning (ML) workflow, the quality of training data, new test techniques, as well as how AI can support testing.”

Using AI for Testing: Stock Exchange Model

 Iosif Itkin, CEO and co-founder, Exactpro

Iosif Itkin
CEO and co-founder, Exactpro


“Exactpro is an independent software testing services provider for exchanges, post-trade platform operators, banks and financial technology vendors across 20 countries. Our tools and approaches leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to streamline protocol-based software testing to provide stakeholders with objective information about the defects present in their system faster and more effectively. Applying ML and AI to automate software testing processes provides a new level of efficiency and test coverage for numerous business cases in the industry, strengthening the operational resilience of the financial ecosystem.

In the presentation, we will go over some of the practical applications of the approaches outlined in the ISTQB CT-AI syllabus. We will discuss what AI Technologies are used in testing, how to use AI to analyse reported defects, how to perform optimisation of regression test suites, as well as examine Exactpro’s model for AI testing of an exchange.”

Jipitauri Georgian Language Chatbot (GPT 3.5)
Use Cases and Challenges

Ketevan Bosikashvili, CEO of Supernova/PulsarAI Georgia, founder of BiteriumAI

Ketevan Bosikashvili
CEO of Supernova/PulsarAI Georgia, founder of BiteriumAI


Jipitauri is a Georgian language chatbot built on GPT 3.5. It has been created for research purposes and enriched with Georgia-specific facts, both historical and current. Jipitauri also features improved Georgian translation and language models. The presentation will cover chatbot testing and the challenges encountered therein.

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