FinTech Festival 2018 - Singapore

The Singapore FinTech Festival — The world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community — is taking place on 12-16 November. Tatiana Ivanova, Senior QA Analyst with Exactpro, will represent the company throughout the event.

Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 is taking place at Singapore’s largest convention and exhibition hall — Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. The program will feature a series of events including the FinTech Conference & Exhibition, the Global FinTech Hackcelerator Demo Day, the AI in Finance Summit, FinTech Awards, Innovation Lab Crawl, numerous Workshops, an Investor Summit consisting of “FinTech Deal Day” and a new component “Meet ASEAN’s Talents and Champions (MATCH)”, and much more.

The following topics will be discussed across several stages of the FinTech Conference:

  • ASEAN FinTech Opportunities
  • AI in Finance
  • Cybersecurity, TechRisk and RegTech
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Future of Banking
  • Future of Money
  • Global Investor Summit
  • InsurTech
  • Market Infrastructure