GITI 2019

GITI 2019 — Georgian Cyber Security and IT Innovation Conference — is an annual event held in Tbilisi. The conference explores the ways for the government and the technology companies to work together and leverage the latest technology advances for the good of the public sector. 

The list of topics on the agenda included:

  • IT Infrastructure Modernization for Tbilisi municipal services 
  • Big Data for Urban Planning
  • Digital transformation of TBC Bank
  • E-Participation Tools and Website Building Platform for Municipalities
  • European standards and practice for identification and protection of critical information infrastructure
  • NATO Article 5 and its invocation in case of cyber attack

On 5 June, Exactpro’s Victoria Leonchik, QA Project Manager, gave a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Testing Mission-critical Systems in Stock Exchanges, introducing some of Exactpro’s fields of expertise to the conference audience:

Financial institutions worldwide have worked tirelessly for the past several years to cope with the burden of regulations and enormous data volumes produced by their systems and the clients’ systems. Using AI applications for predictive analytics and risk management is a well-established trend in regulatory compliance and software testing. The presentation will concentrate on the particulars of collecting, aggregating and processing big data from automated test execution, the challenges of setting up the relevant infrastructure, the logic behind choosing between supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, as well as near-future and long-term goals for AI solutions in the field.