The Network Forum Annual Meeting

The Network Forum Annual Meeting gathered over 450 custody and post-trade members to share lessons learnt and network in a discussion-conducive environment. The meeting is held each June and serves as the culmination and international focal point epitomising the Forum’s activities for the year.

The topics under discussion included, but were not limited to:

  • An Ever Expanding Universe: What Is The Best Way To Manage The NM Function In 2019/20 and Beyond?
  • Optimal Operational Efficiency For The NM
  • Custody Risk And Value Chain Risk – Are Traditional Definitions Still Relevant In The Current Climate And What Risks Are Top Of The List To Address Now?
  • “What Is The Problem We Actually Need Solved?” Disruption vs. Collaboration – What’s The Current State Of Play Now?
  • Data And Digital Solutions – Drivers Of The Changing Institutional Banking Landscape. How To Utilise Big Data Truly? And How Much Of The Challenges Are Technological Vs. Operational?
  • Artificial Intelligence – Positive & Negative Impacts: What Are The Real Game Changers For Our Community And The Wider Custody World?
  • Digital And Crypto Assets - Tracking Global Adoption Rates And Impacts On Securities Services