QA Financial Digital Forum Sweden 2020

The QA Financial Forum Sweden is a unique conference for software quality assurance leaders working in banking, trading and insurance companies. The Forum discusses the key ideas and technologies in the field of software testing and automation.
In his session entitled Test Tools for a New Era of Complex Technology, Exactpro co-CEO & co-founder Alexey Zverev reviewed how testing tools fit into a world dominated by complex software.  

“Over the last several years, the complexity of systems around us has been growing exponentially. Cloud, blockchain networks and AI are at the heart of emerging software that will dominate in the future. Due to the extreme complexity of such systems, testing is becoming more crucial to maintain them. On the other hand, testing itself is becoming extremely hard to implement. We believe that testing of such systems can only be done with the help of adequate toolkits.”

In this presentation, Alexey discussed the requirements for a new generation of test tools. He also introduced th2 – a next-generation test platform that Exactpro is planning to release to open source in 2020.
With the main theme being Technologies for DevOps, Automation and AI, the forum’s agenda also covered the following discussion points:

  • AI and machine learning: software is writing software, but how do we test the results?
  • UX, voice and mobile: what customers want, and how leading retailers are delivering it
  • The Cloud: software testing as a service and the management of test environments
  • DevSecOps, IT risk, security and penetration testing in the SDLC
  • Accessibility Testing and ADA Compliance
  • The choices between open-source and off-the-shelf testing tools

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