The QA Financial Forum

The QA Financial Forum: Chicago 2018 took place on 25 April. Iosif Itkin, Exactpro co-Founder and co-CEO, spoke on Large Scale Infrastructure Intervention and Fake Testing.

The QA Financial Forum is the leading forum for professionals working in quality assurance and testing for software at banks, insurance and asset management companies, discussing the most pertinent issues of today under the Chatham House Rule. It is a versatile multi-cultural platform where Directors, QA Heads and Senior Software Developers share each firm’s unique experience and IT change management practices. It was the first time that the QA Financial Forum took place in the Windy City.

Iosif Itkin is scheduled to talk on .

Iosif Itkin delivered a presentation on Large Scale Infrastructure Intervention and Fake Testing. Other presentation topics included:

  • From Deming to DevOps, a QA Transformation Journey
  • A DevOps Journey: Reducing Friction in the Enterprise
  • Reinventing QA in the age of Agile, DevOps, Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Software Security and Testing: A Holistic Approach to Risk Management in the SDLC
  • Quality Assurance, Testing and Governance Stages for Machine learning Algorithms

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