The QA Financial Forum: New York 2019

Having taken place for the 4th time, QA Financial Forum New York is established as the leading US conference for software quality assurance leaders working in banking, insurance and asset management. 

The QA Financial Forum is a unique conference covering the technological as well as regulatory challenges around QA, testing, software engineering, DevOps, operational risk,  and IT risk management. This year’s agenda featured the following discussions:

  • AI and machine learning: software is writing software, but how do we test the results?
  • UX, voice and mobile: what customers want, and how leading retailers are delivering it
  • The Cloud: software testing as a service and the management of test environments
  • DevSecOps, IT risk, security and penetration testing in the SDLC
  • Accessibility Testing and ADA Compliance
  • The choices between open-source and off-the-shelf testing tools

Iosif Itkin and Elena Treshcheva gave a talk on Testing the intelligence of your AI. 

“An October 2019 survey by BoE and FCA found that ML in financial organizations has already passed an initial development phase, and the usage of live ML applications is about to dramatically increase over the next three years. Artificial Intelligence systems are used in market surveillance, they are providing intellectual analysis of news feeds, and they are an important part of the conversational agents facing users and helping them with their business needs from identity verification to trading and portfolio management. How to ensure that an AI-powered system is up to its task? And what would that mean from the software testing perspective?”

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