The TradingTech Summit

The TradingTech Summit brings business and technology side by side. It is a place where executives in trading technology, electronic execution and trading architecture meet the leading trading technology experts to discuss how firms can leverage high performance technologies to optimize trading in the context of the new regulatory landscape.

The TradingTech Summit 2019 key topics included:

  • Regulation and Market Structure: Rule 606 of Regulation NMS
  • Progress trading firms are making towards digital transformation initiatives to help create a differentiated platform at a scalable cost
  • Integrating the old with the new: Leveraging cloud, open source, AI into the technology stack to enable data driven capabilities
  • Adapting and architecting the technology stack for agility and flexibility using APIs and micro-services
  • Technologies and analytics to optimize high performance trading infrastructure and monitor performance
  • Migrating from multiple platforms to one consolidated platform for increased automation and operational efficiency
  • Outsourcing, managed services, or build in-house to gain a competitive edge?
  • Market data in the cloud
  • Harnessing the explosion in available data: Real time analytics and insights: tools and technologies to give you an edge
  • Using predictive analytics and machine learning to provide real time signals to influence algo trading strategies
  • Smarter SORs to stay on top of liquidity pools, venues and connectivity choices

For the first time, Exactpro joined the event as a Silver Sponsor.