The WFE's Technology Conference 2019

The WFE’s Technology Conference was an invitation-only event in Umeå, Sweden, highlighting the latest technology changes that shape the financial industry and, concurrently, the society.

Partnering with Umeå University for the first time, this bi-annual meeting aimed to give the participants an opportunity to interact with their peers, academia representatives and thought leaders. 

The keynote and discussion topics included: 
- The Big Idea - Perspectives on the Future
- A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence
- Decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures
- An Overview of Recent Developments in the World of Blockchain
- Blockchain in Practice
- The Technological Future for Exchanges and CCPs
- Exchanges and a World of All Things Crypto
- Regulatory Approaches to New Technologies
- New Cyber Frontiers in New Markets

The event program also featured a welcome reception sponsored by NASDAQ on 30 June and a Gala Dinner sponsored by Exactpro on 1 July.