Imperfect Pitch - Exactpro - Leadership - Sibos 2020

This video was prepared for the Sibos 2020 Discover Perfect Pitch competition. 

We hope it might be useful for people genuinely interested in FinTech, software quality and reliability.

This video focuses on some very real quality assurance controversies. It contains no political message, although we might have been inspired by several real public figures and their speeches in the news media.  All the quotes in the video are specifically taken out of context to convey messages about agile, shift left, requirements traceability, behaviour driven development, independent quality assurance and software test automation.

Every speaker in the video has a point, even if we disagree with it.

Please have a look and let us know what you think.

Additional background on the video: It was originally submitted in the subcategory "Responsible innovation" of the Leadership category.

Leadership – Responsible innovation. You have or are developing innovation which is socially desirable, citizen-centric and undertaken for the public interest.

The software is eating the world. What is the one thing that will have the most profound effect on whether this trend is socially desirable, citizen-centric and undertaken for the public interest? It is our ability to identify defects or conditions that do not meet requirements and expectations in the software, before they have a negative impact on people and the infrastructure. It is what software testing stands for.
Exactpro - Build Software to Test Software.

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