SIBOS 2022

Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event, returned as an in-person event on 10-13 October 2022 in Amsterdam. The event brought together business leaders and experts from across the financial community and beyond, addressing the most impactful trends in technology, regulation, risks and sustainability shaping the future of finance. 

This year’s theme – Progressive Finance for a Changing World – focused on the ability of financial services providers to identify, adapt and scale forward-thinking innovations and manage risk in an uncertain world.

As part of the Exhibitor Stage programme, Iosif Itkin, co-CEO and co-founder, Exactpro, gave a talk on “Different frameworks, Common Challenges: Reliability of Technology behind CBDCs”. The session discussed the risks stemming from the technological side of distributed CDBC frameworks that may jeopardise payments ecosystems both nationally and internationally. You can watch the recording of Iosif's talk via the link below.

On 12 October, our team was announced the SWIFT Hackathon 2022 winner in the Ownership challenge alongside BNY Mellon that prevailed in the Interoperability challenge. Read the Hackathon wrap-up article on that features an interview with Abhay Navale, BNY Mellon’s Global Head of Digital Assets Technology and Iosif Itkin, Exactpro CEO and co-founder.

Exactpro was honoured to attend the event for the 7th consecutive year.

Exactpro is involved in a variety of transformation programmes related to large-scale cloud and DLT implementations at systemically important organisations. Exactpro’s core product is th2 – a next-generation test automation framework for FMIs. th2 is designed to enable automation in functional and non-functional testing for complex distributed transaction processing systems. 

We were happy to share our DLT-enabled technology testing demos and discuss them in more detail as part of the event: 

  1. A th2 implementation for Reconciliation Testing of the P8 blockchain-enabled solution by Yaala Labs;
  2. An approach to the Formal Verification of Smart Contracts written in Solidity, Implemented with the Use of the th2 Automation Framework;
  3. NFT Marketplace Functional Testing with the th2 Automation Framework;
  4. Functional Testing of CBDCs in the R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies.

Our latest research and demos

Testing Distributed Ledger Technology Platforms and Infrastructures
Product Governance Frameworks Testing
Functional Testing of CBDCs in the R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies – Demo
Confident Innovation: Transforming Software Testing to Drive Change
MEMX-Exactpro Collaboration on Exchange Quality Assurance
Trading Technology Testing with th2

Sibos 2022 photos