Exactpro Systems in Hong Kong

Our first trip to a FIX Trading Community conference as a Member firm: "The 12th Asia Pacific Trading Summit - Hong Kong".

Exactpro demonstrated unique tools and methods for testing FIX-based trading systems.

What a trip! The buzz, the exhibition, the speakers. Our demos on the screen. New contacts. New ideas.
Hey, some people said they'd heard of our Sailfish tool before!

Rode the Peak Tram to get a bird's eye view of Hong Kong... Amazing. What's next? Singapore?

Topics discussed in this year

  • Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Connect

  • Exchanges Business and Test Environment

  • Algo Strategies - An Analysis and Survey of Algo Usage Trends in Asia

  • Regulation and Market Structure Changes

  • The Industry Big Shift

  • Bitcoin Trading

  • An Interview with IEX

  • The Hottest Buy-side and Sell-side Trading Issues

  • The Latest FIX Initiatives, including the use of FIX for post-trade

More information about Exactpro on Asia Pacific Trading Summit 2014: event page

For further information: Asia Pacific Trading Summit 2014 webpage.