TestOps Environments and Monitoring

Stanislav Klimakov, Senior NFT Analyst with Exactpro, gave a talk on TestOps Environments and Monitoring at EXTENT-2018 Meetup on 20 June 2018 in London. 

In his presentation, Stanislav shares his view on what a Non-Functional testing environment should look like to provide valuable testing data 24/7. Stanislav demonstrates an approach to data gathering and monitoring, currently practiced at Exactpro. He also sheds light on the framework used for Non-Functional testing. Watch the video below to find out more:


About Non-Functional Testing

Exactpro has the privilege to deliver non-functional testing services to the most scalable and reliable market infrastructures globally. The company tests a diverse set of systems for clients in  market surveillance, algo-trading and smart order routing, clearing and settlement, payments and back-office, as well as for execution venue platforms and ticker plants.

Exactpro’s bespoke load injection and performance monitoring tools are built to support all aspects of non-functional testing, including software and hardware failover and recovery scenarios. Learn more at: https://exactpro.com/solutions/non-functional-testing


The EXTENT series events bring together practitioners to share their experiences working at exchanges, investment banks, brokerages, clearing, buy-side and other financial organisations, as well as academia, to present their expertise in software testing, verification and reliability areas.

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