Alexey Zverev CEO and co-founder
EXTENT Talks 2019: The Principles of Deep Testing
Iosif Itkin CEO and co-founder
Natia Sirbiladze CEO, Georgia
EXTENT Talks 2019: Conference Opening
Exactpro Testers: Endgame
The Best a Tester Can Get
EXTENT Talks Tbilisi (22 February’19)
Exactpro Office in Tbilisi
Behaviour Driven Development (BDD): Oltre i limiti del possibile
ClearTH Test Automation Framework for DLT-Based Post-Trade Systems
Mikhail Boytsov Technology, Exchange
Victoria Leonchik Technology, Data Warehouse
Kirill Zagorouiko Chief Operating Officer (COO)
EXTENT-2018: Pilot Episode of Test World Series
EXTENT-2018: TestOps Environments and Monitoring
EXTENT-2018: Demo: Machine Learning Applied to Defect Report Analysis
EXTENT-2018: The Route to Better Software, Sooner: A Perspective from QA Vector Research