TMPA-2019: Pre-processing Network Messages of Trading Systems into Event Logs for Process Mining
TMPA-2019: Multi-perspective Process Mining with Embedding Configurations into DB-based Event Logs
TMPA-2019: Partial Specifications of Libraries: Applications in Software Engineering
TMPA-2019: Generation of Testing Metrics by Using Cluster Analysis of Bug Reports
TMPA-2019: Machine Learning and Value Generation in Software Development: A Survey
TMPA-2019: Static Taint Analysis for JavaScript Programs
TMPA-2019: Applications of Computational Topology to Artificial Intelligence
TMPA-2019: Petri Nets and Their Extensions - Part 1
TMPA-2019: Conference Opening
EXTENT-2019: Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends Conference
Iosif Itkin CEO and co-founder
EXTENT-2019: Panel on Leveraging AI to Keep Improving the Resilience of FMI’s Control Mechanisms
EXTENT-2019: Building Better Applications: Why Smart Contracts are the Real Innovation Behind Blockchain