Testing the Intelligence of AI
Iosif Itkin CEO and co-founder
Michael Smith Head of Sales
QA in Italy | QA Financial Forum Milan
TMPA-2019: Conference on Software Testing, Machine Learning and Complex Process Analysis
TMPA-2019: Development of Test Suite with Formally Verified FSM Coverage: A Case Study
TMPA-2019: Building an Adaptive Log Classification System. An Industrial Report
TMPA-2019: Pre-processing Network Messages of Trading Systems into Event Logs for Process Mining
TMPA-2019: Generation of Testing Metrics by Using Cluster Analysis of Bug Reports
EXTENT-2019: Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends Conference
Alexey Zverev CEO and co-founder
EXTENT-2019: On Complex Software Systems Testing
EXTENT-2019: Software Testing and Machine Learning. Mind the Gap. Applying Process Mining
EXTENT-2019: Software Testing and Machine Learning. Learning from Failure is not just for Humans
Elena Treshcheva Business Development
EXTENT-2019: Software Testing and ML. Dancing with Whales. Adaptive Log Classification System