White papers

Deliberate Practice of Software Testing in an Agile World

Exactpro is an open access software testing subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group.
(The content of this white paper should be viewed in the context of its publication date – May 25, 2017. Exactpro Announced Management Buyout from London Stock Exchange Group on Jan 17, 2018)

Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro, London Stock Exchange Group

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CLA-2016: Using intelligent systems and structural analysis to assure orderly operations of the modern trading and exchange platforms

The sequence of operations is an important financial subject that has attracted the researchers' attention for many years. The quality of electronic trading platforms can be improved by validating the sequence of operations via two modes. The first one is detection and prevention of abusive behavior in the market. Surveillance systems ensure the monitoring of this parameter. The second one is verification of technical stability. Defect management is an essential part of improving software reliability by means of test tools. We propose that using data analysis and artificial intelligence can help significantly improve the quality of electronic trading.

Anna Gromova, Researcher, Exactpro, London Stock Exchange Group
Olga Moskaleva, Researcher, Exactpro, London Stock Exchange Group

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EXTENT-2016: Testing of FPGA-based Systems: Challenges & Solutions

This article highlights some of the essential common challenges of FPGA-based solutions in terms of testing and elaborates on how Exactpro approaches testing them from the standpoint of functional and non-functional testing, and verifies the correctness of their work at the confluence of functional and nonfunctional testing.

Alyona Bulda, VP, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro, LSEG
Oleg Pavlikov, Senior NFT Analyst, Exactpro, LSEG

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