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EXTENT-2016: Managing QA for Complex Systems in Agile Development Framework

QA, as we see it, is a continuous learning process. It is about learning how the system should operate in production, followed by learning the actual behavior of the system by way of performing tests and, after comparison, ensuring that all the discrepancies are either fixed or documented. It is the epitome of all QA activities. The other essential task that QA performs is developing the Test Design, coming up with Test Tools and Automated Test Libraries, which is an ongoing process, as opposed to learning at the beginning and testing as the end result. We are still learning when the system goes into production and still receive feedback from it. That allows us to reveal as many issues as possible.

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EXTENT-2016: Machine Learning and Software Testing

Advances in data analysis and artificial intelligence rapidly change the world around us. The presence of machines that think will soon affect all industries, processes and occupations.

Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro, London Stock Exchange Group

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EXTENT-2016: Testing of FPGA-based Systems: Challenges & Solutions

This article highlights some of the essential common challenges of FPGA-based solutions in terms of testing and elaborates on how Exactpro approaches testing them from the standpoint of functional and non-functional testing, and verifies the correctness of their work at the confluence of functional and nonfunctional testing.

Alyona Bulda, VP, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro, LSEG
Oleg Pavlikov, Senior NFT Analyst, Exactpro, LSEG

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An Innovative Approach to Testing of Clearing and Settlement Systems

First and foremost, it is worth reviewing a typical clearing system infrastructure: there is a number of internal components, where each one is responsible for a variety of tasks, or possibly incorporates several tasks at a time. There is a significant amount of connections to the third-party systems, or in-house external systems, such as markets, market data providers, CSD, payment systems, and, of course, there is connectivity with clearing members. Having a lot of experience dealing testing such systems, the Exactpro team is used to encountering challenges on a daily basis. This paper focuses on the ones that are most prominent, and on the way Exactpro addresses them.

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A Test Harness for Algo Trading Systems

Turquoise is a unique lit and dark trading venue, offering a broad universe of over 43 hundred stocks with uniform access to 19 major European and emerging markets. Turquoise Block Discovery won the Most Innovative Trading Service in 2015. The Exactpro staff are responsible for market surveillance and the back office within Turquoise. Over the years, Exactpro has accumulated vast experience in testing the trading algorithms, constantly exploring its most interesting aspects and, as a result, truly having a lot to offer on the subject.

Victoria Leonchik, QA Analyst for Turquoise, Exactpro

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