Minium and Exactpro partner to perform advanced quality assurance on Minium’s Clearing Risk Management & Post-Trade processing systems

  • Minium Financial Technology (“Minium”), a Cinnober Group company, offers real-time risk management and post-trade processing service for clearers and prime brokers, delivered as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) product to allow clients to harness the power of the Cloud.
  • Partnership with Exactpro provides independent functional and non-functional testing, offering Minium’s clients the highest level of transparency and confidence in the quality of the Minium system.

Minium and Exactpro Systems Limited (Exactpro) today announced that they have entered into a partnership under which Exactpro will provide independent software testing of Minium’s Risk Management and Post-Trade processing systems.

Exactpro specialises in quality assurance and software testing for market infrastructures and systems that process wholesale financial products across asset classes. This includes trading systems, risk management, market surveillance, securities data distribution, and Post-Trade platforms worldwide. Exactpro clients benefit from robust testing services and an independent assessment of their software.

Veronica Augustsson, CEO of Cinnober Group, said: “We are launching a new service for clearers and prime brokers. Quality is our highest priority and something we invest a lot in. We believe that is an important cornerstone in order to build trust for the financial infrastructure. We are proud to partner with the highly regarded specialist firm Exactpro in order to further strengthen the quality assurance process. We look forward to working with Exactpro to ensure our clients get the highest level of reliability.”

Patrick Tessier, COO of Minium Financial Technology, said: “Minium is breaking new ground in the world of Post-Trade and Risk management. This partnership with Exactpro demonstrates our determination to be different from traditional vendors – we will offer transparency to our clients who will be able to have the confidence of Exactpro’s independent seal of approval.”

Alexey Zverev, co-CEO of Exactpro, said: “Working alongside Minium’s technology team on this innovative new service, we will utilise a set of bespoke tools we have for automated functional and load testing. This includes ClearTH, our solution for automated testing of complex Post-Trade systems which is designed to run several scenarios, organize the test steps in batches and align the test schedule with the system schedule. ClearTH is used by mission-critical Post-Trade infrastructures around the world, including the T2S project and it will help us to prove to Minium’s clients that their software is of impeccable quality.”

About Minium Financial Technology
Minium is part of Cinnober Group, the world leading independent provider of software to exchanges and clearing houses whose clearing and risk management clients include APEX, B3, DGCX, JPX, JSE and LME Clear.
Minium’s vision is to deliver scalable and powerful software to banks and brokers that will modernise their Risk and Post-Trade processes, in the same way that its parent Cinnober has revolutionised Risk and Post-Trade for clearing houses. Minium’s cutting-edge technology enables banks and brokers to transform their business and reinvent the way they engage with their clients in the digital age.
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About Exactpro
Exactpro is a specialist firm currently employing over 560 staff focused on functional and non-functional testing and software development of systems that process wholesale financial products across many asset classes, such as trading and clearing systems, risk management, market surveillance, securities data distribution and Post-Trade infrastructures. These services are offered to exchanges, investment banks, brokers, technology firms and other financial sector organisations worldwide. Exactpro is an independent company owned by its management team following the recent buyout from the London Stock Exchange Group.
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