Exactpro Will Deliver a New Version of Its Market Data Simulation and Non-Functional Testing Tools to Validate Ongoing Improvements of NEO Technology and Functionality

  • The Aequitas NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is Canada's next generation stock exchange putting the needs of investors, businesses looking to raise capital, and dealers first. Launched in March 2015, NEO currently offers an innovative trading venue to trade all Canadian securities. It also has a value-added listing platform for capital raising companies and investment products, offering unique liquidity, transparency and efficiency benefits.
  • Collaboration with Exactpro Systems (“Exactpro’) has allowed NEO and its clients to have the highest level of confidence in the exchange’s software from the technical standpoint as Exactpro uses Load Injector and Shsha, its bespoke solutions for non-functional testing (“NFT”)

Exactpro Systems today announces that it will deliver an updated version of its market data simulation and non-functional testing tools to NEO in order to facilitate testing of ongoing improvements of NEO’s technology and functionality, including the introduction of the new dark book.

In particular, an updated version of Exactpro Load Injector software will be used by NEO to support non-functional testing of its exchange and market data technology.

Exactpro specialises in quality assurance and software testing for market infrastructures and systems that process wholesale financial products across asset classes. This includes trading systems, risk management, market surveillance, securities data distribution, and Post-Trade platforms worldwide. Exactpro clients benefit from robust testing services and an independent assessment of their software.

Exactpro has provided independent software testing services to NEO since 2014.

Karl Ottywill, COO of Aequitas NEO Exchange, said: “Because technology is something where you can never have one hundred percent guarantee, it’s all about mitigating, managing and minimizing risk. Exactpro has been a reliable partner in our efforts to do so, working with us to test our trading engines and simulate any potential risks so we can get ahead of them.

Pavel Medvedev, Director of Non-Functional Testing at Exactpro, said: “It was a pleasure working with the technology team at NEO to help test their cutting-edge exchange and market data technology in preparation for the go-live in 2015. We continue to work with them from a performance, load, stress and resiliency perspective. Our bespoke tools have been successfully used on many software quality assurance projects across the NEO business and for Exactpro clients globally.

To perform testing with NEO, Exactpro uses its bespoke tools: Load Injector - to heavily load the system with multiple simulated client connections, with various load shapes, and Shsha to parse and process the captured data and produce reports. The Load Injector supports FIX, ITCH, SOLA, HTTP, SOAP, and various binary trading-system protocols, simulates multiple client connections with a specified load shape for each connection or a group of connections. Shsha is capable of parsing and processing various text and binary protocols and store the data into an SQL database. The next version of the Load Injector will improve NEO’s market data simulation capabilities.

About Exactpro

Exactpro is a specialist firm currently employing over 560 staff focused on functional and non-functional testing and software development of systems that process wholesale financial products across many asset classes, such as trading and clearing systems, risk management, market surveillance, securities data distribution and Post-Trade infrastructures. These services are offered to exchanges, investment banks, brokers, technology firms and other financial sector organisations worldwide. Exactpro is an independent company owned by its management team following the recent buyout from the London Stock Exchange Group.


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