Post Trade Forum in Vienna, Austria

We spoke on Quality Assurance and key challenges of delivering large post-trade initiatives:

  • Difficulties in coping with functional complexity experienced by the project team

  • Aligning tests correctly in batches that correspond to events in the daily life cycle, including multiple days

  • Accelerating the daily life cycle to speed up test execution and to cover Settlement Failure processes in testing within a reasonable timeframe

  • Accurately simulating and controlling test inputs from upstream systems and outputs to downstream systems

  • Management of complex Reference Data setup

  • Involvement of complex components such as Risk Management and Collateral Management systems

  • Test cycle turnaround time, client certification and test automation

We outlined some innovative Quality Assurance techniques and tools that can make a significant difference in addressing those challenges. Such tools can also be used for the actual migration for production systems.


Alyona Lamash, FRM Head of Risk Management Practice, Exactpro Systems
Mark Ryland, Financial Markets Technology Consultant, Independent Consulting, United Kingdom

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